Pre-Columbian cultures of the southwest are fascinating and the pottery they left behind is beautiful.

My military collection includes decorations from WWI, WWII, US Shoulder Insignia and more.

Welcome to my virtual museum.  I have been a collector of what I call cool old stuff for many, many years.  I blame this on my parents who taught me about history and its importance in our lives.  I gradually moved from just enjoying museums and historic places to wanting to own pieces of history.  At first I collected WWII military items and have gradually branched into other areas.  My philosophy for acquiring things for my collection is that it should be older than I am.  As I have become more vintage finding things older than I am has become more difficult.   So my philosophy has become more of a general guideline like the Pirate Code. 

I hope you enjoy looking at a small part of my collection of "Cool Old Stuff."

Please keep checking back.  I will add things as time and space permits.

Mining is a big part of my life

and mining history is tied to the growth of the United States  there is lots of cool old stuff in here.

My Cool Old Stuff