War Merit Medal

War Merit Cross Second Class 

​​Austrian Anschulss Medal

Issues to everyone who participated the annexation of Austria

SS Obersturmfurer  (signature illegible)

Highly decorated with the Knights Cross, German Cross,          Iron Cross First and Second Class, Infantry Assault Badge, Wound Badge, Eastern Front Medal, and DRL Sports Badge

The Nazi era from 1933 to 1945 was one of the most horrible periods in recent history.  The Third Reich spread terror across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  There was no facet of life in Germany that was not affected by the regime.  While the government was evil and many adherants were curel and merciless many soldiers of all ranks were serving their country and were honorable men and women.  Today emblems of  Nazism are some of the most sought after by military collectors.

​​General Assault Badge

​Awarded to those not eligible for the Infantry Assault Badge who had actions supporting Infantry on 3 or more days.

War Merit Cross Second Class with Swords


Flack Badge

War Merit Cross First Class with Swords

​​Sports Badges

​Left to right : Deutscher Reichsausschuss für Olympische Spiele (DRA) 1913-1933

​                                                                                     ​Deutsches Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (DRL) 1937-1945

​                                                                                     SA Sports Badge 1933-1945  Awarded to SA and SS Personnel for Physical Fitness

Iron Cross First Class

​Awarded for bravery in battle

​Recipient must have first been awarded the Iron Cross Second Class

Silver Infantry Assault Badge

​Awarded for 3 or more actions

Eastern Front Medal

​Awarded for service on the eastern campaign from 15 November 1941 to 15 April 1942.  The reverse of the medal says "Winter Battle in the East 1941/42

​​Luftwaffe.Leutnant wearing Pilot's Badge

            ​Sudatenland Commerative Medal

​       Awarded to everyone who participated in the annexation of the Sudatenland, Czechoslovakia. 

​​Obergefreiter Eugen Pfeilfchifter von Wingarten

(Image taken from memorial card)

War Merit Cross and War Merit Medal

Issued to civilians without swords for essential help in the war effort.  Military received the award with swords for exceptional service "not in direct connection to combat." The War Merit Medal was the lowest rank and was usually awarded to factory workers who exceeded quotas.  It could be awarded to Germans and Non-Germans.

War Merit Cross 1st class w/o Swords

Nazi  German Medals and  Awards

Wound badges were awarded in three grades: Black, Silver , and Gold (shown above left to right.  Criteria for award were for Black 1 to 2 combat related wounds; Silver 2 to 3 wounds; and Gold 5 or morewounds.  The Silver Wound Badge could be awarded for loss of a limb or eyesight.

Campaign Shields were awarded to soldiers to recoginize  participation in a campaign.  The shield was worn on the left sleve of the uniform.  During WWII Germany officially introduced 5 shields: Krim, Cholm, Navvik, Kuban, and Demjansk. 

Bronze close Combat Clasp

​Awarded for ​15 close combat battles

.Iron Cross Second Class

​Awarded for bravery in battle

​ West Wall Medal 

Awarded for working on the construction of the West Wall or Seigfried Line from 15 June 1938 to  31 March 1939.  It was awarded again in 1944 after the allied invasion.  The reverse of the medal says "For Work on the Defense of Germany"

Pilot's Badge

Awarded after completion of training

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